PORT 5 is a small family-based team . Creating computer games has always been a dream of ours, that we are now


As a team we feel, that computer games is an art form and we treat our work as such.

Every piece of graphics, animation, dialogue is carefully crafted specifically to fit the atmosphere of Kapia.

The script itself has grown out of our own life and pursuit of adaptation to civilizations.

The adventure of Stefan in Kapia, in a way, mimics our own life adventures.

Adapting to life in three different societies has led us to think that there is no right or wrong answer

when it comes to human relationships, this idea we brought in our first game KAPIA.




3D adventure quest.

Solve the mystery of war survivors, that are forced to live under protective dome KAPIA.


Dive into unique universe of KAPIA to help the leader of the underdogs decipher messages that could end the war. Speak to the peculiar dome inhabitants, join the investigation, discover clues and testimonies to uncover a violent tragedy, that divided the world.




The World Union has fallen. Economically-developed western countries formed a coalition "The West" and broke away from "The World Union". Under the first paragraph of newly written "The Western Book of Law" stated, that Western coalition will not provide any assistance to the developing countries. This provoked the establishment of the underdog coalition "The East".

Governments imposed segregation and propaganda. "The West" enforce their own independent development without the economically unstable east. Meanwhile, the eastern government impose "moral improvement programs" to eliminate signs of western influence.

Propaganda fed the distrust, furthered the division, putting an end to freedom of press and lated speech.

Conflict and mistrust grew into hatred: those who may have once been good neighbors became sworn enemies. "The West" installed a base on the moon to insure greater security, but the base did not serve well when the war broke out.




Don’t worry, it will be a fun post-apocalypse!

We will set aside the confusing politics. Witty characters contrast the gloomy post-apocalyptic setting. Through conversations you will get to know eccentric and often hilarious dome citizens.


Tired of talking? No problem!

Everyone loves making things with their hands….right? Ok, even if you are not that crafty, you may still find yourself a star in KAPIA. Search for useful objects to fix, break, or hack your way through the game. Think outside the box and your creativity will be rewarded.


Let us surprise you!

Everything about KAPIA is unique: characters, dialogues, environments, and of course, you- our audience. Spontaneous meetings and happenings give the illusion of an adventurous reality. Because in KAPIA, as in real life, the outcome is unpredictable.




Our own life paths have given our family-based team a chance to live in different societies. Hence, the notion that everyone’s connected and apartheid may destroy this world faster than an atomic bomb. Experience gained through a life of adaptation, our hopes, and our dreams, are all embedded in the story of KAPIA.


For updates, graphics, and reviews, visit us on:

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